》Wanna compete in a Strongman Strongwoman Competition? Then you’re absolutely right here! Here are the hard facts for you:

》Saturday 29th of June
》Comp starts 13:00
》DUOS ONLY! (= 1Man & 1Woman)
》Starting fee 50€ per team


♥ We’re so excited for you ♥

Please register via mail to !!

BossGirls Powerlifting 3.0

Girls only Powerlifting Meet 2019

We unapologetic stand for our love for strength & empowerment and we want every women to join a PL Competition without feeling too uncomfortable, too anxious or too weak for bringing her lifts to the platform.. that’s why we invented the BOSS GIRLS POWERLIFTING MEET(s)!

> RAW Powerlifting
> Weight classes: -63kg & open
> Rating all competitors with IPF points
> Starting fee 25€ (advance payment)
> Weigh In: friday 26th 18-20 // saturday 27th 10-11
> Athletes Meeting 11-11.30
(food, talk, love) <3 details.coming.soon. <3

*Saturday 27.04.
*Start 13:00
*Visitors very welcome (free entry)

Sign up:

Seminars in March




This seminar is for anyone who wants to be proficient
in the two big lifts; squat and deadlift.
It does not matter if you want to start powerlifting,
train to be better at your sport or simply get as strong as possible,
this is for you no matter if you are a total beginner
or intermediate lifter.
Individual assessment, warm-up, mobility and discussion of programming included.
This is a long seminar, so come prepared!

Squat: Saturday 9th of March 10:00 – 12:00

Deadlift: Sunday 10th of March 10:00 – 12:00

One Seminar  50€ /// two Seminars 90€
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StrongFirst Bodyweight Course
The StrongFirst Bodyweight Course teaches you how to get a powerlifting-quality strength workout, anytime, anywhere, and using only your bodyweight as resistance. Theodore Roosevelt got it right when he said, “Do what you can with what you have where you are.” We will equip you to do just that.

Even more importantly, this Course approaches bodyweight exercise with the same principles that underline our kettlebell and barbell training. We have looked at what makes people strong and applied what we’ve learned to training without equipment.

This curriculum, developed by Pavel, is taught by a short list of qualified SFBs all hand-picked for their skill and ability to teach. Don’t waste your time with high-rep bodyweight calisthenics—learn how to use your own body the right way to get truly strong.

At the Bodyweight Course, you will learn the:

  • Pushup, and variations to help achieve a one-arm pushup
  • Single-leg squats and the progressions that build to the Pistol
  • Tactical Pull-up
  • Abdominal exercises
  • Programming

Why Attend?

  • Education. The single-day Bodyweight Course is not an Instructor Certification. It is designed for all people who want to be able use their own bodyweight as resistance in their strength training. We will teach you the foundational movements as well as the exercise progressions to achieve these foundational movements. Learn the principles of bodyweight strength and program design, refined and condensed from Russian methodology.
  • Principles. All of our training is principle-based, and the principles remain the same regardless of the tool. The tool simply shifts from the kettlebell or barbell to the body. As the Marines say, “One mind. Any weapon.”
  • Focus. Instead of teaching you dozens of movements, we narrow it down to the basics and we do the basics better than anyone else. The best always do.
  • People. Our Bodyweight Courses are taught by a small group of SFB Instructors all hand-selected by Pavel or Chief SFB Karen Smith for their ability to teach and their mastery of these basics.
  • Portability. No other training program travels as well as bodyweight training. One you have taken this Course, you will never again have travel as an excuse to not get an effective strength training practice session.
  • Strength. Students will make immediate strength and performance gains once they learn the fundamentals, especially the tension lessons taught in this Course. These strength skills are also completely adaptable to other endeavors and training disciplines.
  • sign up:

StrongFirst Kettlebell Course

We believe that strength has a greater purpose, and the Kettlebell can be the tool to help you build that strength. But what is in your way? How can you move forward to accomplish your goals?

You may be a stay at home mom or dad, or a busy executive. You may be a first responder, a member of the military or a police officer. You may be pursuing the Simple and Sinister standards, or you are a busy trainer looking for a new tool for your fitness and to use with your students. Whomever you are, you have likely tried to “get fit” and been frustrated. Running and what you “used to do” just doesn’t seem to be cutting it. And now you have a cannonball with a handle staring up at you…

The StrongFirst Kettlebell Course is designed for you. We have identified the fundamentals of kettlebell training and built this Course around them. Students will be taught essential skills, techniques, and principles by a small group of SFG Instructors handpicked for their ability to teach. Students will come away from the Course being able to safely and effectively train with a kettlebell on their own—the StrongFirst way.

The StrongFirst Kettlebell Course is ideal for newcomers to the kettlebell and also those who have been training but want to refine and perfect their technique. In other words, this Course provides a valuable education for people of all levels who want to optimize their training.

At the Kettlebell Course, you will learn the:

  • Squat—for a mobile and strong lower body.
  • Swing (beginning with the Deadlift)—for power and conditioning.
  • Turkish Get-up—for whole-body strength and skill.
  • Military Press—for strong and stable shoulders.

Why so few drills?

  • Focus. We teach only 4 fundamental skills in this 8-hour period. This allows us to ensure that all students leave with the ability to perform these movements and skills on their own, safely and effectively.
  • Principles. Students will learn our movement fundamentals, state of the art breathing techniques, and tension skills for instant strength gains. This focus on principles and fundamentals allows us to narrow the course to the essentials needed to accomplish your goals

What will you gain?

  • Independence. The kettlebell is a great tool to train with on your own. But to do so, you must learn how to use it safely, efficiently, and effectively.
  • Strength. Students will make immediate strength and performance gains once they learn the fundamentals and the principle-based system that supports them.
  • Education. The single-day Kettlebell Course is not an Instructor Certification. It is designed for all people who want to use the kettlebell to get stronger and more conditioned. Once you are taught the movements and the principles, we will also discuss programming. All students will also receive an in-depth Course manual, and the Course provides .8 CEU credits through NASM (others upon petition).

Kettlebell instruction is our passion and ongoing obsession. Our persistent dedication to every detail, combined with our unmatched pedigree and commitment to the highest standards has solidified StrongFirst’s position as the subject matter expert on kettlebell training. Modern kettlebell training originated with us and our founder, Pavel Tsatsouline, and you will not find more thorough or in-depth instruction on using kettlebells safely and effectively within a single day.

We look forward to working with you and helping you learn how to use your kettlebell the right way. “Strength starts with the kettlebell, and the kettlebell starts with StrongFirst.”

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As the titles suggests this is the seminar for you- if you want to get familiar with the classic strong(wo)man exercises such as sled pulls, farmer’s walk, stone loading and the viking press. Everyone is welcome!

DATE: 3rd of February  // 17.00-20:00
PRICE: 60,00€ for members // 70,00€ for non-members


Barbell, log, axle or kettlebell? It does not matter!
This seminar will teach you all need to know about pressing heavy objects over your head.

Including warm-up and assistance exrcises to build strong shoulders and an impressive overhead press
DATE: 9th of February // 10:00-12:00
PRICE: 40,00€ for members // 50,00€ for non-members


Forget the bench press, leg press and lat-pull down. Get off the crosstrainer and step away from the barbell for a while. Let us explore the roots of strength training. 

Focussing on the kettlebell, bodyweight exercises and the gada/mace, we will teach you to become a more complete strength athlete. 

This is the ideal seminar for fighters, people with physically demanding jobs and indeed anyone who wishes to embrace a simpler and traditional way of training.

DATE: 10th of February // 17:00 – 20:00
PRICE: 60,00€ for members // 70,00€ for non-members

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monday 24.12.2018 – 12:00-18:00
tuesday 25.12.2018 –  closed
> 26.12.2018 – 28.12.2018 12:00-18:00

weekend 29.12./30.12. 2018 – 12:00-17:00

monday 31.12.2018 – 12:00-18:00
tuesday 01.01.2019 – closed

then we are back with regular opening times 🙂

gain knowledge. SEMINARS in october

Starting with the Big Four, Squat, Bench, Deadlift and Press, you will be taught how to get strong(er) the oldshool way. No bullshit, no fluff. Just Basic Strength Training. In addition we will discuss and try out various bodyweight and free weight exercises benefical to your training needs.

saturday 06.10.2018 // 09:00-12/13:00 // 65 Euro

Step right up and join our new Strong(wo)man Beginner Seminar! Learn to clean an axle, carry a yoke, load a keg and grow a beard! (Results may vary) Everyone is welcome, regardless of level, but a basic knowledge of deadlifting and pressing is helpful.

sunday 07.10.2018 // 10:00-12:00 // 40,00Euro

>>>>sign ups via:


💪Strong(wo)man × Xfit × Strength endurance💪

Wir haben uns einige spannende Grausamkeiten ausgedacht und möchten euch natürlich motivieren mitzumachen!! Den Spaß solltet ihr euch echt nicht entgehen lassen!!
Es sind all eure Skillz gefragt, es zählen Kraft, Ausdauer, Geschicklichkeit, Teamgeist aber auch taktisches Vermögen wird nützlich sein! Dem Team wird alles abverlangt – die Teilnehmer/-innen müssen sich selbst und ihre Teamkollegen gut einschätzen können, sie müssen sich vertrauen und natürlich bis zum Äußersten für- und miteinander kämpfen!
Da wir euch dieses Mal komplett ins kalte Wasser schmeißen wollen, erfahrt ihr die Übungen und die Gewichte erst am Wettkampftag!
》maximal 10 Teams (5 / 3 Männer + 2 Frauen) werden antreten, ihre Willensstärke, Leidenschaft und Stärke in unterschiedlichsten Disziplinen aus verschiedenen Kraftsportarten beweisen.

》ALLE EVENTS können GESCHLECHTER-UNGEBUNDEN bewältigt werden! Es gibt zu jedem Event FEMALE WEIGHT und MALE WEIGHT und jedes Team entscheidet wer bei welcher Disziplin an den Start geht.

》Bitte meldet euer Team per Mail an !! 50€ pro Team (10€ pro Person) 🏁
》up to 10 teams (5people / 3 men / 2 women) will compete and show their ☆will, their ☆passion and their all over ☆strength in different events out of various strengthsport styles.

》all events can be done by males or females – so there will be men weights and women weights and every team decides with whom they wanna go.

》please register via mail to !! 50€ per team (10€ per person)

BORIS SHEIKO – Powerlifting Seminar

11th August
💰180,00 €uro
🇩🇪️1. Theorieteil
•Prinzipen des Kraftaufbaus nach Sheiko. Traininingsplanerstellung und Wettkampfvorbereitung.
• Jahresplanung (Makrozyklen, Mesozyklen, Mikrozyklen)
• Lastverteilung
• Sheikos Wochenprogramm für Vorbereitungs- und Wettkampfzyklen
• Stressinduzierende Methoden für Kniebeugen, Bankdrücken.
2. Praktischer Teil
• Alles in die Praxis umsetzen
• Techniktraining mit Sheiko.
🇺🇲️This seminar consist of 2 parts, theory and practical part.
1. theory part
• principles of sheiko programming for strength, writing an effective program for building a base and preparing for competitions.
• yearly planning (macrocycles, mesocycles, microcycles)
• Load distribution
• approximate sheiko’s weekly program for preparation and competition cycles
• Stress inducing methods apply to squat and bench press.
2. Practical part
• Putting everything into practice
• coaching with technique critique and troubleshooting.
🏆signing up / Anmeldungen: BERLINSTRENGTH@GMAIL.COM



05.05.2018 /  10:30-12:00 / 40€

learn how to use the axle bar, yoke and log



26.05.1028 / 17:00-21:00 / 65€

the three main lifts including warmup and mobility

hosted by an experienced powerlifting coach



27.05.2018 / 10:00-12:00 / 65€

get stronger.



EARLY PUMP CLASSES *optimized times*


🇩🇪 Wegen der perfektionierten Öffnungszeiten (ab 01. März!!) finden unsere Kurse nun immer montags und freitags statt.
Du willst fitter werden, bist gerne mit anderen Sportlern zusammen und brauchst einen super Grund deinen Hintern morgens aus dem Bett zu kriegen? – DANN SEI AUCH DU DABEI!!  
》 Anmeldung per Message!

• montags:
06:15 – 7:30 SWEAT’N’GRIND
07:45 – 09:00 STRONGER YOU

• freitags:
06:15 – 7:30 STRONGER YOU
07:45 – 9:00 SWEAT’N’GRIND

• immer unter Anleitung eines ausgebildeten Strengthcoaches
• level: beginner & fortgeschritten
• hochintensive Ganzkörperworkouts
• basierend auf funktionellen Übungen mit dem eigenen Körpergewicht
• immer unter Anleitung eines ausgebildeten Strengthcoaches
• level: beginner & fortgeschritten
• Elemente aus verschiedenen Sportbereichen für Ganzkörperstärke
• kraftbasierte Übungen mit Langhanteln, Gewichten und anderem funktionellen Equipment
🇬🇧 Cause of our adjusted opening times from 01.03.2018 on, the classes happen every monday and friday morning.
You want to become fitter, you enjoy training in a small group aaaaand you need a cool reason to get your sweet ass out of bed in the morning? – THEN JOIN OUR AWESOME CLASSES!!  
》 Registration via message!

• mondays:
06:15 – 7:30 SWEAT’N’GRIND
07:30 – 7:45 STRONGER YOU

• fridays:
06:15 – 7:30 STRONGER YOU
07:45 – 9:00 SWEAT’N’GRIND

• always hosted by an educated strength coach
• level: beginner & experienced
• different sport elements for full body strength
• strength based exercises with barbells, weights and other functional equipment
• always hosted by an educated strength coach
• level: beginner & experienced
• high intensity full body workouts
• based on functional and bodyweight exercises